Canada Job Application
25 Jan

Canada Job Application

Many people who are interested in Canada have the idea of finding a job, other than applying for permanent Canadian immigration. Because immigration to Canada is also possible through a work permit. The idea of this way is faster and being able to set up an order as soon as they go to Canada is often more attractive to people. In addition, candidates who are not suitable for the Express Entry Canadian immigration system prefer this route. It is known that Canada is very rich in education and job opportunities. Canada, which is one of the countries that draws attention with its regular recruitment of immigrants and workers and the systematic approaches it applies in these recruitments, has a high employment gap, especially in the health sector, tourism sector and sectors that require muscle strength. It especially attracts the attention of foreigners who want to work in these sectors. Both the retirement of the elderly working population after Covid19 and the decrease in the recruitment of immigrants and workers brought the employment gap to record levels. This is why Canada needs foreign workers more than ever before. Applying for a job in Canada is easy, thanks to the organized and fast-paced government agencies.

How is Canada Recruitment carried out?

Although recruitment to Canada is predominantly made for certain sectors, Canada employs many workers from abroad as skilled or unskilled workers. It is mainly aimed to provide employment in the health, construction, food and beverage, and accommodation sectors. Although the provinces with the highest recruitment of workers were formerly Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia, the employment gap has spread throughout Canada. An attempt is made to close this gap by recruiting foreign workers. Apart from this, the 20-hour weekly working limit for international students has been temporarily removed in order to provide employment and has been made unlimited until December 31, 2023.

How to Find a Job in Canada?

People who want to work in Canada should follow the sites where job postings are posted to find a job. The main websites with international advertisements are:

  • Job bank (official website of the Canadian Employment Service)
  • Indeed Canada
  • Glassdoor
  • Monster Canada
  • Workopolis
  • LinkedIn

In Canada, an employer applies to the Canadian Ministry of Labour prior to the recruitment of foreign workers and advertises for recruitment through the above job sites after obtaining the required Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document. In these advertisements, it is absolutely stated whether the employer has an LMIA certificate or not. Because it is not possible for employers without an LMIA certificate to employ foreign workers. Applying for advertisements that do not contain this information is often a waste of time. Since the Job Bank website is the most comprehensive job-finding site, it provides services such as finding new jobs, changing jobs, and providing useful information to foreign worker candidates. Job Bank ads; The duration of the job you want to find, the quality of the job you want to do, the salary, the state you want to work in, the profession, and the duration of the experience can be filtered according to some characteristics and thus the person can more easily access the job advertisement that is suitable for him. The advertisements may be aimed at work permit holders already in Canada as well as candidates who will apply from abroad. Looking carefully at the statements, it is indicated which group's applications will be evaluated.

Canadian Recruitment Requirements

Job application conditions in Canada are tied to legal requirements, but the most striking condition is that the person must have applied for a job and been accepted. In order to apply for a Canadian work permit, the following conditions must be met below:

  • In order to employ foreign workers, the employer must apply for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the Canadian Department of Employment and Social Development (ESDC).
  • ESDC decides whether it can hire one or more foreign workers by evaluating the reasons given by the employer.
  • If the application is positive, the employer is given the right to hire one or more foreign workers.
  • A foreign worker who receives a job offer from this type of employer must apply for a Canadian work permit with the LMIA document and other accompanying documents.
  • In the application for a work visa, the worker must prove that he intends to leave Canada and return to his country after the work permit expires.
  • The worker must comply with the conditions of the work permit, depending on whether the work permit is valid for an unspecified employer (open work permit) or only for a specific employer (closed work permit).
  • The worker must prove that he or she will not work for an employer operating in a prohibited type of work.
  • The worker can enter the country after a short interview by showing the customs officer that he has a work visa when entering Canada.


Employers should contact the ESDC (Canadian Ministry of Labour and Social Security) for an opinion on the impact of hiring a foreign worker on Canada's labor market. For this, it is important for employers to follow all the necessary steps and submit all the necessary documents. The application stages are as follows:

Employers must first collect the necessary documents for their LMIAs. This includes the operating license, commercial lease agreement, and legal entity documents showing that the businesses are in operation.

The employer must then post the job on at least three posting sites for the position. One of these sites must be the Job bank website.
He or she should then meet with the Canadian permanent resident permit holder or citizen who may be eligible for the position. After the interview, notes should be kept as to why these candidates are not suitable for the position and submit them with the LMIA application.
After this stage, the foreign worker should be offered a job. This job offer letter should include important details such as the proposed wage, the number of hours per week, and a summary of job assignments. The foreign employee and employer must sign this letter before proceeding to the next step.

The employer can then complete an LMIA application and submit it along with supporting documents.They also have to pay the LMIA transaction fee, which is $1,000 CAD. Successful employers will be informed that they have received a positive LMIA. Then, they can contact their future foreign employees and inform them to apply for a work permit.


Your employer should follow the process below:

  • The job posting must be open for at least 4 weeks before making an offer to a foreign worker. This announcement period continues until the application is concluded,
  • Provide evidence of using two or more recruitment sites in addition to the Canadian Job Bank website,
  • Submit a transition plan explaining how they will reduce their essential need to recruit foreign workers,
  • Provide evidence that they have invested in training the worker,
  • Proof that they will not fire Canadian or Canadian permanent residents after hiring the foreign worker,
  • A transaction fee of $1,000 CAD is required for each open position. (This fee applies to all categories of LMIAs, except for low-income family carers and LMIA to support permanent residency applications.)


Potential employers should ensure that they meet the above LMIA employer requirements before beginning the process.

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