Civil Cases (Registration Correction)

Population registry records; These are the official documents that must be kept permanently, in which population events are registered on the basis of district and family in order to determine the identities, residential addresses, family ties, citizenship status and personal status of individuals.


Anyone who has inaccurate information (name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, etc.) or missing information in the population records can request the correction of the population registration.

Civil Cases (Registration Correction)

The lawsuit, which deals with the requests of the persons concerned to include full and correct information in the population records, or to correct the incorrectly kept records, is called the lawsuit for the correction of the population record. Apart from these, anyone who thinks that there is an error or deficiency in the population registry is qualified to file this lawsuit.


The lawsuit for the correction of the population registration can be filed against the person whose identity registration is requested and the relevant Population Directorate, without being subject to any statute of limitations or a period of limitation.