Turkey Real Estate Consulting

Turquoise Immigration Solutions firm, with its expert lawyers and consultants in its Istanbul office, enables you to make your investment in Turkey in the safest and fastest way. Thanks to its natural beauties, mild climate and warm people, Turkey has become a country preferred by our foreign friends in recent years. Turkey Investment and Real Estate Consulting

Turkey Real Estate Consulting

You can perform all your buying and selling transactions through our lawyers without the need to go to Turkey.


As it is known, real estate trading requires a great deal of trust and dedication.


We do not want you to waste both time and money by choosing the wrong people. For this reason, you can choose us with peace of mind.


We guarantee that all your rights are protected through contracts and that we will work devotedly to represent you, our customers, before the law when necessary.


You can take the first step on this path by sharing your future investment ideas and requests with us.


We are a phone/e-mail away from you.