Why Canada?

Canada is a country that has managed to rank in the top three in the annual "10 most livable countries in the world" lists. Its population is approximately 38 million, and its area is approximately 10 million square kilometers. It is the second largest landlocked country in the world and is approximately 12 times the size of Turkey.



Thanks to this, all kinds of climate types can be experienced in the country. Although Canada's northern regions are cold and snowy, Canada's southern American border area has a climate with 4 seasons. Winter can be long, but the cities are organized and their infrastructures are designed for all weather and earth conditions.



Postcard-beautiful Canada is famous for its green and diverse vegetation, waterfalls and lakes. It has many forests, parks and natural areas open to the public. Since children are raised as individuals respectful to nature and the environment from an early age, natural beauties and natural life have been preserved.



People in Canada are friendly and quite happy people. In Canada, which is in the top 10 in the world happiness ranking, people are smiling, warm and kind. That's why the word you'll hear most in Canada will be "Excuse me". The official languages of the country are English and French. But only in the province of Quebec mainly French is spoken. Canada offers more than 80 different immigration methods to the people of the world; It has embraced those who prefer it with its sharing and inviting policies. People of all nationalities and cultures from all over the world live together. For these reasons, Canada is at the forefront of the countries fighting against racism. All forms of racism and discrimination constitute serious crimes.



Canada, the country with the highest living standards in the world, is a modern industrial country with a constantly developing economy. It offers endless opportunities with its excellent business potential. In addition, it supports start-up entrepreneurs and aims to gather bright ideas from all over the world. It also invites foreign businessmen and investors to its country by offering excellent opportunities and tax privileges.



Primary and secondary education is free to citizens and permanent immigrants. Universities and Colleges that are at the top of the world rankings have scholarship opportunities from public or private institutions. This is why Canada is also a student country.



Since it has a very strong justice system, it is one of the countries with the lowest crime rate in the world. It has one of the lowest inflation rates in the world, with an annual average of 1.9. The GDP per capita is CAD 49,000 per year.



Today, Canada is one of the few countries that receives intense immigration demand, even from its neighbor, the United States. In short, Canada meets the expectations of those who dream of a better life, while protecting the peace, order and natural life in the country with the immigration system it applies.