Visa Application Services

The authority to apply for Canadian Immigration, Refugee, Visa and Citizenship issues is given to Canadian Licensed lawyers, RCIC (authorized consultants) and Quebec Notaries, in accordance with IRPA law. Miray Pamuk successfully fulfills the duty of RCIC as one of the above-mentioned occupational groups in Canada.

Visa Application Services

RCIC (Licensed Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Coonsultants) are professionals who have received long-term training on Canadian immigration law, have passed the examination and licensing processes, and are aware of all kinds of rules as well as the changes in the system. RCICs practicing their profession in accordance with the applicable regulations and laws are held responsible for their negligence or unethical behavior within the framework of the CICC Professional and Professional Code of Ethics.

Our consultant, with her knowledge and experience, is authorized to make applications from beginning to end for those who want to start a brand new life as well as to study, visit or work in Canada. The application process steps are as follows:


  1. Online meeting session with our consultant: You need to purchase a Consulting Service for this meeting. During the interview, you can ask our consultant any questions you may have, and get detailed information about the Canadian visa and immigration processes. Our consultant will have information about your profile and show the right way for you. Since each application is individual, it provides recommendations to strengthen your application.
  2. If you decide to make an application, a business contract and a representation form will be sent to you, indicating your mutual rights and responsibilities, with which your business relationship will be established with our Consultant.
  3. The list of application documents to be prepared specifically for you will be sent to you on the same day. You can reach our Consultant at any time during the document issuance stage and request guidance service.
  4. After the documents are sent to our consultant by e-mail, the documents are uploaded to the online portal. In addition, a licensed consultant submission letter is attached to your application. This letter contains enlightening information about the purpose of your visa application, your future plans or the parts that need to be explained in the application. In this way, your application will be sent in a stronger and supported way.
  5. During the visa process, all notifications of the IRCC will come to the consultant and she will inform you about the requests on the same day. If your visa has resulted positively, she will guide you to submit your passport to the Embassy and finally the application will come to an end.

Throughout this entire process, our Consultant meticulously represents you before the Canadian authorities.


Please fill out the pre-evaluation form for visa applications.