Real Estate Purchase/Sale Legal Services

When purchasing real estate, it is important to work with a team of lawyers who are experts in the field of Real Estate Law, in order to prevent bad surprises that may arise in the future.

Real estate purchase and sale transactions are legal transactions that seem simple, but can cause many problems in practice.

Real Estate Purchase/Sale Legal Services

Contracts annotated in the land registry (such as lease agreements), mortgages, limited real rights (such as right of residence, right of usufruct, right of construction), liens are among the factors that can directly affect the actual usability and value of the real estate, and both when making an official real estate purchase and sale agreement. These are the important issues that should be taken into account when making a real estate preliminary sales contract before the notary public and should be included in the preliminary sales contract.

As the Law Firm, we provide the necessary legal consultancy services to regulate the whole process by protecting the rights of the party we represent and minimizing the legal risks as much as possible.

The services we can offer you with our knowledge and experience in real estate law are as follows:


  • Preparing and negotiating the promise of property sales contracts,
  • Preparing and negotiating brokerage agreements for real estate sales,
  • Preparation and negotiation of pre-emption, right of repurchase, right of purchase contracts,
  • Determining the legal risks regarding the target real estate by examining the land registry,
  • Preparation and negotiation of the right of usufruct, right of residence, right of superficies,
  • Filing a lawsuit for the removal of mortgages and other pledge rights on the immovable,
  • Representing clients in the preparation of property sale contracts and the sale transaction at the Land Registrar Offices in Turkey.