LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assesment)

LMIA document, in English, Labor Market Impact Assessment document is a permit that companies located in Canada must obtain from the Ministry of Employment and Social Development of Canada in order to employ foreign workers. In order to obtain this certificate, the Canadian employer must meet the following requirements as well as the obligation to meet certain requirements related to his company.


  • The employer is not on the "prohibited" list
  • Employer proves financial adequacy
  • The employer's need for a foreign worker is real
  • The employer has not dismissed any employee until 1 year before the application
  • The employer must prove that he has not been able to remedy the employment gap within his organization among Canadian citizens or permanent residence permit holders despite sufficient effort and that he has not been able to find a suitable worker.
LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assesment)

If the application to the Canadian Ministry of Employment and Social Development is successful, the employer shall be entitled to employ foreign workers. The foreign worker is granted a Canadian work permit that will be valid for 1 or 2 years thanks to this document. However, if the worker wishes to apply for permanent immigration programs, he or she will earn up to 200 additional Express Entry points to their CRA score through the LMIA-sponsored job offer. This will allow him to become one of the high-scoring candidates.

In addition, people who have come to Canada with a work permit with an LMIA-supported job offer can obtain the right to apply for Provincial or Federal Immigration if they complete 1 year of full-time employment.