16 New Jobs Have Been Added to Express Entry
20 Nov

16 New Jobs Have Been Added to Express Entry

The new categories will allow Canada to bring in skilled and semi-skilled workers in sectors like health care, construction, and transportation. Nurse aides, long-term care aides, hospital attendants, elementary and secondary school teacher assistants, and transport truck drivers are some of the 16 occupations now included in Express entry.

“We are using all of the tools at our disposal to tackle labor shortages, particularly in key sectors like health care, construction, and transportation. These changes will support Canadians in need of these services, and they will support employers by providing them with a more robust workforce who we can depend on to drive our economy forward into a prosperous future. I’m thrilled to announce expanded pathways to permanent residence in Canada for these in-demand workers," Sean Fraser said.

Foreign nationals with work experience in the following 16 occupations are now eligible to apply through Express Entry:

1. Dental assistants and dental laboratory assistants

2. Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates

3. Pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy assistants

4. Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants

5. Sheriffs and Bailiffs

6. Correctional service officers

7. By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers

8. Estheticians, electrologists and related occupations

9. Residential and commercial installers and servicers

10. Pest controllers and fumigators

11. Other repairers and servicers

12. Transport truck drivers

13. Bus drivers, subway operators and other transit operators

14. Heavy equipment operators

15. Aircraft assemblers

16. Aircraft assembly inspectors