TR to PR Pathway is on the way!
16 Sep

TR to PR Pathway is on the way!

Canada is seeking a new way to be granted Canadian Permanent Residence for international students and temporary workers.

The House of Commons authorized the Canadian Immigration Minister to find new pathways for temporary residents, within120 days. This means that Canada is very likely to launch a program similar to the 'TR to PR transition program that it introduced temporarily in 2021. The deadline given to the Minister expired on September 9, 2023. Minister Fraser stated that the new program they designed will not be exactly the same as the previous TR to PR Pathway and stated that they will address the following 6 points:

• greater emphasis on Canadian work experience and expansion of eligible occupational categories under economic immigration programs;
• emphasizing immigration by addressing data on labor market gaps
• examining information from other federal immigration programs and encouraging French-speaking candidates to immigrate outside of Quebec;
• identifying the necessary mechanisms to address labor shortages in labor market needs and regional economic priorities; and
• Particular consideration should be given to professionals in healthcare, trade, transport, child and patient care, agriculture, and manufacturing.

 This news means that Canada aims to meet its immigration targets for 2022 and 2023 with a combination of Federal Skilled Worker Class Program (FSWP) candidates outside Canada and temporary workers and international students currently in the country. Unfortunately, the Express Entry application evaluation speed has not yet come close to the pre-Covid transaction speed standards.

The wisest thing to do for this application path, which can be announced at any moment, is to prepare effectively and quickly for this new path.

Here are the steps you need to take today to apply as soon as this program goes into effect:

Check Your Application Documents and Make Sure They Are Complete

You have no choice but to wait for the official announcement to be informed about the requirements for the new road. Use this time to check your documents and make sure they are complete. Do you have valid status in Canada? Do you have your language test results? Are the test results still valid? Do you have a foreign diploma? If yes, did you get your Educational Credential Assessment for this? Is the ECA valid and will it remain valid throughout the entire PR process? From the validity of your passport to the medical test results, it is important to have all your documents valid and with you to avoid any problems during the PR process.

Take Precautions Against Potential Hazards

Applying for permanent residence in Canada involves more than filling out application forms and waiting for an invitation. Your profile may have issues or issues that may require you to seek professional help.
Be careful before taking this new path and get help for a professional review of your profile. If any of the documents you upload to your profile (from workplace reference letters to potential problems with medical or criminal non-compliance, for example) are possible, it is best to identify potential omissions or errors and take corrective action as soon as possible.
Prepare to be a First Applicant and Within Time
The 'TR to PR' route, which opened in 2021, had a "first come, first served" application process. This meant that simply being eligible to apply was not enough. In addition, your application had to be entered into the system before the application limit was reached. The new way is also likely to have such a referral system. For this reason, you need to be prepared for the short application timeframe.
This is where working with a licensed Immigration Counselor is of paramount importance. Instead of finding your own way through the program's convoluted application paths, you can leverage the experience and expertise of a Licensed Immigration Counselor to ensure that your application is not delayed or rejected for any omissions or errors.

Can You Apply Within 24 Hours From The Effectiveness Of The New Immigration Pathway?

If the new application path is announced today, could you submit your application within 24 hours with all the necessary evidence and documents?

Having all the necessary documents and information at hand to make your application as soon as possible is the safest way to ensure you don't miss out on new paths. This means that you should have complete clarity about your profile and its various aspects. Remember, even the smallest mistake puts you at risk of losing this opportunity.
If you're really serious about immigrating to Canada and want to take advantage of all the opportunities available, this new application route should be high on your list of priorities. Compliance with these steps will allow you to apply for the Express Entry System or PNP State Programs in a complete and error-free manner, even if you cannot apply for the new immigration route (TR to PR) that is expected to be opened.