How to Get a Canadian Residence Permit?
15 Jan

How to Get a Canadian Residence Permit?

Canada has been among the most preferred countries for years with its unique nature, people who love nature, and its social state that values its people. The most important reason for this is that Canada is a country that respects many races, sects, and preferences. People who want to establish a happy and peaceful life in Canada must first apply for a residence permit.

Canada, which is mostly preferred by the young population for education, is for those who can afford education and who have language proficiency to obtain a permanent residence permit. Canada provides job opportunities to a high number of immigrants in the country with a work permit in addition to a study permit. Apart from these, much more immigration paths are available for the applicants.

We can list Canada Immigration Applications in 7 main categories:


Express Entry and Permanent Residence for Skilled Workers:

Those who can certify their English or French language proficiency with an exam, have good post-education work experience. This is the type of application used by the immigrant candidates in the group. If you have a job offer that supports this application, the process is completed very quickly. The most important element here is the assessment of how quickly the applicant can adapt to Canada. Qualified employees are subject to a scoring system based on these criteria determined by the Canadian Government. The high scores you will get here will open the doors for you to settle in Canada with Express Entry and get a residence permit quickly.

Residence Permit for Investors:

This application type is created for people in the investor immigrant class who want to get a residence permit in Canada. It aims to contribute to the economy by bringing them to Canada and providing employment there. Persons with a certain background and management experience may become temporary residents in Canada and are entitled to a permanent residence permit after a certain period of time. For this, each province has determined investment amounts in Canadian dollars. Those amounts must be brought to Canada to open a business or become a shareholder of an ongoing company in Canada.

Entrepreneurship Immigration and Residence Permit:

Another way to get a permanent residence permit is to apply for the Entrepreneur category. This route, preferred by most people with the potential to increase Canada's employment level, will protect both you and your family. This program gives permanent residence in Canada after a fast process. Individuals who want to immigrate to Canada to implement their new innovative ideas.

Provincial Nomination Residence Permit:

Canada consists of 3 regions including 10 provinces. Based on each province's own requirements, it is a type of residence permit followed by candidates who fit into the occupational categories it has created. 

Residence Permit with Family Sponsorship:

It is the right of residence in Canada that you can earn with the sponsorship of your close relatives. Canadian citizens or permanent resident holders can sponsor their relatives and bring them to Canada permanently if they meet certain conditions.

Study Permit:

Canada is a country that has the world's leading educational institutions. These educational institutions are preferred by international students worldwide.

It is a permit based on the acceptance document. If students graduate from certain schools, they can get a temporary work permit after graduation. The duration of the work permit to be granted increases in direct proportion to the duration of education. It is then possible to obtain permanent residency with the Federal or Provincial Programs. This immigration category is mostly preferred by people over a certain age and without language proficiency.

Quebec Immigration and Residence Permit:

This program, which gives priority to certain occupational groups with a good level of the French language, is within the Province of Quebec. It appeals to those who request residence and work permits. Quebec is not under the Federal immigration program but on its own.

The application process is the key to obtaining a residence permit. It is very important that your application package be prepared for the selected immigration category and is error-free. This puts you one step ahead in the Canadian immigration race. Processing times vary depending on the nature and category of your application.

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